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Come and be apart of the largest most established Sport Karate Circuit in the Midwest!


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How it started


Est. in 1984 by Jefferson Davis of St. Louis, Missouri, sport karate was rapidly becoming popular in the U.S . Open karate tournament competition was rivaling in the number of competitors for closed competition tournaments. With the high demand for such competition the need for an open karate circuit was born. Competitors compete in designated tournaments earning points for placing in these events. Competitors could also be awarded points for simply participating in these tournaments. At the end of the year, points are tallied. The top three competitors are awarded for their achievements which now includes the TOP TEN. Although not the first of its kind the  M.M.A.S.C.. quickly became one of the most respected sport karate circuits in the country. Fast forward to the present time and sport karate has grown to international levels with open tournaments as far away as Europe. The foundations set in 1984 are still here today, with double the divisions for children thru senior, beginning belts to black belts. They all have a place with the M.M.A.S.C    


What we offer
The M.M.A.S.C is one of the most organized and respected sport karate circuits in the country. Each tournament has been chosen to provide the best in tournament excellence. The M.M.A.S.C. exists as a non-profit organization   proceeds from fees  go back to the competitor in awards and prizes. 


What is tournament excellence?

It starts with time management, starting events on time with no long gaps in the competition. All rings remain in operation to ensure the tournament concludes on time.
No bias judging. All rings have quality judges from all styles giving honest results in open competition.
Roaming rule arbitrators. Not having just the promoter knowing and enforcing the rules, but also three to five other sources of info and dispute handling.
Location. Each tournament has been established to remain in this region to accommodate Midwest competitors.
Standard set rules. All rules are followed at each event to ensure consistency. If any optional rules are used each promoter will give advanced written notice of rule changes. Great competition. Our competitors are tried and true on the regional and national tournaments. We have a reputation of one of the most highly competitive circuits in the U.S.
We offer 90 + divisions (Sparring, Katas, Weapons, Musicals) from children to senior men and women, and grand champions for juniors AND adults.   




We have very few equals. Our organization has earned the respect from the highest of sport karate officials including  the late Mr. Ken Eubanks, Former president of the R.S.K.C.
No one person runs the M.M.A.S.C. It is an organization that is operated by the input of promoters, competitors and spectators. Parents and martial art enthusiasts should be treated to a first class event, and that is what we offer. The year-end awards banquet, which has been called the Academy Awards of Martial Arts, is a formal dinner event with demos and spectacular prize giveaways. It is held every year at the Multi  million dollar Oasis Inn and Convention center, in Springfield, MO.


What’s this going to cost me?

Only $25 sets you up as a member of the M.M.A.S.C (Renewable after each competition year) that qualifies you for the night of champions banquet.
 The banquet cost is given in advance so that all may budget for the year-end event. Each tournament price is the least expensive in the nation, no one offers a smaller competitor fee.  


How Does it work?


Total point values are compiled and posted to the results page of this website after each competition.  Competitors receive points according to the following schedule.

1st place 20pts

2nd place 15pts

3rd place 10pts

4th place 5pts

Participation 3pts

After the last competition of the year final rankings are posted.  The top 10 competitors in each division are recognized at the M.M.A.S.C. Academy awards style banquet . The top 10 competitors in each division receive beautiful award plaques.  The champion of each division receives a unique champions jacket bearing the Competition year and M.M.A.S.C. Champion logo. These sought after jackets are commemorative of each champions accomplishment that can be worn proudly and are a cherished keepsake for everyone who has earned the title of M.M.A.S.C. Champion.



First Place